It was 2007 when I moved to St. Augustine, Florida. Despite all of its sun, sand, and surf, this is where I sold my first scarf. In dedication to this early memory, I have named my company Florida Scarf.

I am originally from New Jersey. In my early 20’s I worked at a ski shop while I finished college. I always thought the shop was cold so I’d make scarves for myself to stay warm. I couldn’t wear a normal scarf, it would get in my way. So I made short scarves that buttoned around my neck. I’d get a lot of compliments on my scarves and I thought about making them to sell, but I was too busy finishing school.
In St. Augustine, I found a delightful community of people that loved scarves no matter the season. I haven’t lived in St. Augustine since 2008, but I have been back to Jersey, to Pennsylvania, to Alabama, to Germany, and now to Texas. Everywhere I go I take Florida Scarf with me. We are always well received.

I currently create two models, a scarf and a hood. I design in all sizes. Every piece is handmade by me and one of a kind. My creativity is behind each design, but I’ll gladly accept requests. I have been known to make a scarf for a special occassion, a favorite sports team, and also from your favorite t-shirt. I obtain supplies from everywhere. I love to travel. Many of my supplies are from the far reaches of the globe, as well as interesting backyards. I work with new materials and old. It’s nice to have fresh stuff, but it never hurts to give a shrunken sweater a second chance.

My inspiration for Florida Scarf truly comes from everywhere. (kind of like Floridians themselves) It’s carefree, unique, nostalgic, sunny, colorful, modern, trendy, international, forever youthful, comfortable, friendly… I could go on, but you get the point.


I paint too. It’s my first passion. I have a painting degree from Rutgers University, and I’ve been fortunate to live in a few inspiring towns where art thrives. Generally, I build my own canvases and paint with oils. Depending on the situation however, this can change. Back in art school I had a teacher describe my work as “suburban surrealist.” I’m not sure whether he liked me or not, but I learned a lot from him and I liked his phrase so I still use it to describe my work today. I love large paintings; the bigger and brighter, the better. Energetic, contrasting color is a main feature of my style.

I love to travel and vacation photos and post cards are a great inspiration to my compositions. I also love graffiti. Actually, to be quite honest, there isn’t much that doesn’t inspire me. I thoroughly enjoy being alive and try to take full advantage of it.

On my CREATIVE blog I am constantly sharing new paintings and drawings that I have finished. Occasionally I will also share other crafting endeavors or culinary successes. And as I find new stories about other creative-types, I share them too.


My husband is a pilot. His job has kept us in constant motion since the beginning of our relationship. We love it. As long as our relationship remains as strong as it’s ever been, we welcome any change. As his career progresses and changes I pick up my art business(es) and we go on to the next town. We currently live in Texas, on the border of Mexico. Desert living is a first for us. It’s still America, but I feel a bit like a stranger in a strange land sometimes.

On the GLOBETROTTING blog I write about my experiences traveling; in Europe, and America, and wherever else I am fortunate enough to go.

Be sure to check out the FB Fan Page. It’s a great place to find up-to-date blog posts.

I’m stoked that you stopped by the blog today. I trust you enjoyed your stay and are looking forward to your return.
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